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Bob Bruhin

October 11, 2012


Frank Furness’ Factory for Art at PAFA

In 2012, institutions across Philadelphia are celebrating the architectural acheivements of the heroic life of Frank Furness (1839-1912). After service in the cavalry in the Civil War, for which he won the Medal of Honor, Furness designed nearly 1,000 projects for the Philadelphia engineers and industrialists who together transformed the United States. For this clientele, Furness created a new architecture that incorporated the materials and expressed the energy of the Iron Age. Just as Barcelona’s Antonio Gaudi symbolized his city in the 20th century, Furness embodied the values of Philadelphia in the Industrial Age.

118-128 N. Broad St.

Now through Dec. 30

Admission: adults $15, seniors and students $10, youth $10


(via What’s Happening In Philly | The Triangle)

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